White Knight Chronicles - Gathered Materials

White Knight Chronicles - Gathered Materials

These materials are obtain through gathering from rock faces, wooden boxes, flowers, trees, stones etc. These gathering spots are easily to identify by the sparkling lights around them.

I will break this list down via Guild Ranks. If its GR7 then its obtained in GR7 quests, If its GR8 then its obtained in GR8 quests and so on. The list will also be broken down into categories these are;

- Ore
- Crystals
- Fossils
- Raw Wood
- Branches
- Wild Herbs
- Insects
- Mushrooms
- Cotton Wool

Click the following links for the related materials.
GR7 Gathered materials
GR8 Gathered materials
GR9 Gathered materials
GR10 Gathered materials
GR11 Gathered materials (incomplete)
GR12 Gathered materials (incomplete)

I haven't translated the materials for GR1-6 as these materials are only used to create items you can easily buy in the story through stores. I figured it be best to translate the materials related to items created from GR7-GR12 as these can only be obtain through GR quests.
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