White Knight Chronicles - GR Quest Overview

White Knight Chronicles - Guild Rank Quest Overview

In White Knight chronicles there are a series of sub quests known as Guild Rank Quests. These quests can be played in both offline and online mode. The main purpose of these quests is to gain new materials to craft new items/equipment/weapons/accessories to upgrade your "Avatar" (custom character). GR quests can only be done with your Avatar and not with the story characters.

Now each of these GR Quests have certain requirements that must be meet in order to unlock them and play them. There are only 2 main requirements that must be meet in order to play these quests and they are;

1. Unlocked by reaching a certain point in the Story or clearing the Story.
2. You must be a certain Guild Rank in order to play them.

From Guild Rank 1-6 these quests can be obtain by going through the Story mode and obtaining the required Guild Ranks. As for Guild Ranks 7-12 these quests can only be obtained by clearing the game and reaching the required Guild Rank.

To increase your guild rank you must earn GR Points which you obtain by completing GR Quests. Depending on which rank (S to D ranks) you obtain when you clear the quest determines how much GR points you acquire.

Here is a list of the GR points require for each Guild Rank.

Guild Ranks

GR 1 - 0 GRP
GR 2 - 10000 GRP
GR 3 - 40000 GRP
GR 4 - 90000 GRP
GR 5 - 180000 GRP
GR 6 - 340000 GRP
GR 7 - 670000 GRP
GR 8 - 1170000 GRP
GR 9 - 2670000 GRP
GR 10 - 6670000 GRP
GR 11 - 12670000 GRP
GR 12 - 21670000 GRP

About Guild Rank Quests

Guild Rank quests from 1-6 will offer you materials to make items that you mostly obtain throughout the story mode (these quests can be done solo). As for Guild Rank 7-12 quests you will obtain very rare items used to craft items/equipment/weapons/accessories that can only be obtained through the "Item Creation" shops (blacksmith icon on in towns).

Guild Rank Quests 7-12 are more challenging versions of quests 1-6 and require parties of 3-4 members to pass. The walkthroughs for quests 1-6 applies to Quests 7-12. It works like this;

GR1 + GR7 = Same walkthrough
GR2 + GR8 = Same walkthrough
GR3 + GR9 = Same walkthrough
GR 4 + GR10 = Same walkthrough
GR 5 + GR11 = Same walkthrough
GR6 + GR12 = Same walkthrough

As stated above the quests GR 7-12 are where you obtain those rare materials to create new equipment etc of GR7 or higher.

For example Item creation works like this;

Equipment/Weapons that require GR7 are obtain in GR7 Quests
Equipment/Weapons that require GR8 are obtain in GR8 Quests
Equipment/Weapons that require GR9 are obtain in GR9 Quests
and so on...

Hopefully this has given you a brief understanding of what GR quests are for and how the GR ranks work. As you spend more time playing the game you will start to see how this all comes in effect. Thank you for your support.

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