White Knight Chronicles - Character Stats

White Knight Chronicles - Character Stats
Here is a break down of your characters stats page.

Crystal = HP (Health Points)
Green Bar = MP (Mana Points)
AC Point Bar

Attack Power
Defense Power
Magic Attack Power
Magic Defense Power

Strength - Affects Attack Power (more damage dealt)
Toughness - Affects Defense (less damage received)
Wisdom - Affects Magic Power (more magic damage dealt)
Mind - Affects Magic Defense (less magic damage received)
Quickness - Affects ability to dodge and parry
Skillfulness - Seems to affect critical chances

Left List
Fire Resistance
Ice Resistance
Wind Resistance
Earth Resistance

Right List
Poison Resistance
Paralysis Resistance
Sleep Resistance
Silence Resistance

And that concludes the stats list. Thank you for your patience


  1. What does the Skillful stat effect?

  2. Im not 100% sure but at the moment it looks to affect your chance to land critical hits.