White Knight Chronicles - Tutorials Part 1

White Knight Chronicles - Tutorials Part 1
The first article to be translated are the in game tutorials to assist players through the early stages of the game to get used to the battle system and the various features the game has to offer.

Basic Controls
Left Analogue Stick: Move Character
Right Analogue Stick: Move Camera
L2: Zoom in
R2: Zoom out
Triangle: Game Menu
Select: Sub Menu

Control Pad: Select Target
Circle: Talk/Attack/Accept
Cross: Cancel
Square: Chat Window

Battle Controls
Control Pad: Select Target
Circle: Start Battle/Attack
Cross: Cancel Battle
L1: Target Lock
R1: Guard
L3: Change Attack Mode
R3: Suggest
Select: Sub menu

Command Circle
- The circle bar represents time until your next command.
- In the middle is your selected command to use.
- The Sword with X icon means your targets out of range.

Status Bar
- Infront of your HP is your current status (poisoned/sleep/etc)
- Blue Crystal is your HP
- Green bar is your MP
- Crossed Swords means your currently in battle

AC (Action Chip)
Some skills require AC in order to use them during combat. Above your Command bar you will notice an AC bar. Each blue square represents 1 AC. Yellow squares represent the amount of AC that skill will consume from your AC bar.

Prepare before you head into battle
Press Triangle to enter the menu. Select Battle Setup to enter the player setup sub menu.

Customise command bar
Newly acquired skills and custom combos can be added to your command bar here.

Equip your characters Armor, Weapons and accessories here.

Skill Path
To learn new skills.

Skill Path Menu
Here you can learn new commands using Skill points. Skill points are obtained through leveling up.

Adding new skills
Under the Battle Setup menu. Select your skill and add them to your command bar for use in battle.

Ways to heal
If your HP is low use a Healing Potion or Healing Spell during battle. Outside of battle your HP will slowly regenerate.

Healing through the Main Menu
Go the item menu and select your healing item to use.

From the Target command
Target yourself or ally and select Item for healing items or Magic for Magic spells.

Healing during battle
Equip a healing spell in your command bar or go to the sub command bar and select Item then your healing item.

Enemy Difficulty
Above the enemy you will notice the above icons. Each icon represents the difficulty of the enemy from Easiest to hardest (Blue = easiest, Red = hardest)

Enemy Weakness

Attack type (left box)
Magic Type (right box)
Fire Element
Ice Element
Wind Element
Earth Element

Target an enemy and use the 'See all Glasses Item (物見の眼鏡)' to determine the weakness of the enemy.

AI Modes
During battles press L3 to change between the AI modes

Free for all: AI Will act on their own
Focus: AI will attack players same target
Spread out: AI will attack their own targets
Wait for enemy: AI will not run into enemy but wait for the enemy to come to them
Do not attack: AI will not attack any enemy

Battle Modes
Under the battle setup menu you can find the Battle Modes.

Free for all: Use skills and magic as they see fit
All out attack: Will consume as much AC and MP need to defeat enemy
Conserve: Will not use any AC or MP during battle
Defense: Will only defend during battle
Support: Will heal and use support skills only

Calling for Support
During Battle press R3 to notify players you require support or healing.

That is all for Tutorials Part 1. Coming up next will be Tutorials Part 2. Thank you for your patience.


  1. I really want to thank you for all the help, i will talk about your blog , on some french forum of players of WKS , i wish you keep on , im your fan ^^
    im lv 11 , didnt have much time to play , but i love it some much ... thanx again pal

  2. Thank you for your support AngeAlexiel and yes please pass on word of this blog to anybody you know who needs help with WKC. ^^

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    As "AngeAlexiel" I would like to thank you for your work and your time. This is really helping me and every owner of WKC. I'm a french guy too and I will sprend the word don't worry.

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  7. (SPOILERS!) Can someone please help? im on the second boss where lenard grabs the white knight glove and then is in a empty place with a black and white boss. im level 4 and im realy having trouble with him (my email is manga_fan666@hotmail.co.uk)