White Knight Chronicles - Trophy List

White Knight Chronicles - Trophy List
Complete obtainable trophies for White Knight Chronicles. Thanks to RotarySpirit at rotaryspirit.1up.com for translating them.

Bronze Trophies:
Item Searcher - Collect 100 different items
Weapon Searcher - Collect 50 different weapons
Bronze Star - Complete one skill tree entirely
Copper Horn - Defeat 100 monsters
Proof of Searching - Clear 5 quests with S rank
Gaaman Stone - Synthesize 50 pieces
Bronze Medal - Get Guild Rank 4
Red Embroidered Purse - Have 100,000 gilda in your purse

Silver Trophies:
Item Mania - Collect 300 different items
Weapon Mania - Collect 200 different weapons
Silver Horn - Defeat 3000 monsters
Proof of Clarifying - Clear 20 quests with S Rank
Amanda Ruby - Synthesize 200 pieces
Silver Medal - Obtain Guild Rank 8
Silver Embroidered Purse - Have 1,000,000 gilda in your purse

Gold Trophies:
Item Collector - Collect 600 different items
Weapon Collector - Collect 500 different weapons
Gold Star - Complete all 8 skill trees
Golden Horn - Defeat 10,000 monsters
Proof of Conquest - Clear 50 quests with S Rank
Gamalone Diamond - Sythesize 450 items
Golden Medal - Obtain Guild Rank 12
Golden Embroidered Purse - Have 10,000,000 gilda in your purse

Platinum Trophies:
Platinum Crown - Collect Everything (I assume it means have all the other trophies, but it could mean just the items in the game)

That completes the trophy list.

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