White Knight Chronicles - GeoNet Help

White Knight Chronicles - GeoNet Help

A brief guide to using GeoNet to get online with other PS3 players around the world.


Getting Online

When you select GeoNet from the main menu (Triangle button) the following options appear;
- Enter GeoNet
- Online Status
- Friends List

So select "Enter GeoNet" to get online. The screen that comes up is the logging into the GeoNet server and then the GeoNet News will appear. Select the ok button and you will see the following;

GeoNet Menu
- Top Page
- Adventures Diary
- My Town
- Friends List
- Diary of Adventurers

Creating a Room

Now to create a room select "My Town" (you can also do this on other players GeoNet Page). On the My town page you can pick which slot you want to create the room on. So pick a slot and a new window will appear and you can pick from the selection below;

Creating a Room Menu
- Shield Icon = Welcome Beginners
- Holding Sword Icon = Lets go together
- Flex Icon = Stronger Quests
- Speach Bubble Icon = Relaxed Played
- 2 people Icon = Friend recruiting
- 2 Swords Icon = Level Up
- Pen Icon = Create Room Name

Note: If you wish to create your own room name. Then Select the Pen icon and enter in the name of the room. Add a password if you want then select create.

Inside your GeoNet Room

Once in the room you will notice you have 2 shops available. 1 is the item shop so you can replenish your consumables (healing potions etc) and a Weapon shop so you can repair and upgrade your equipment without needing to leave the room. There are also 2 soldiers, the 1 next to the gate is used to exit the room. The other soldier that stands next to the Quest board gives you the following options;

Soldier at Quest board options
- Create a Quest
- Join a Quest
- Cancel (exit back to Room)

Creating a Quest

Speak with the soldier next to the Quest Board and select the first option (create a quest). The world map will open up so select which quest you want and a new menu will appear;

Creating a Quest options
- No. of Players (1-4)
- Public (なしNo/ありYes)
- Time Limit till start (1-10 minutes)
- Password (なしNo/ありYes)
- Blank bar to input password if selected Yes.
- Start

Understanding Public & Private
Public Room: Any player online can join your quest and sometimes you may join theirs.
Private Room: Only those players that are in your room may join your quest.

Note: If you choose to make the room public then you will auto join an already created quest if there is a spot available or you will end up hosting the quest and random online players will join that quest (Just like if you were to select an online quest from the world map instead of using GeoNet). After the quest is finished you will return to your room, the random players there were in that quest with you will return to their rooms or world map. Friends in your room may also join in on that public quest if a spot is available (they will need to quickly join incase the spot fills up)

Joining a Quest

Now if you wish to join a quest that someone in the room with you has created then go to the soldier at the Quest board and select the second option. A window will open up that will show a list of quests created in your room. If it is empty just keep pressing the select button to refresh the window until that players quest appears. Then select that quest to join it.

Exiting the Room

Once you have finished questing and its time to call it a day. Select the soldier next to the gate and select yes to leave. You will be taken back to your GeoNet page (unless a PSN error appears and your taken to the world map). Press triangle and select Yes to leave the GeoNet and go back to the world map.


If you have any questions about any of the above then just leave a comment and ill answer them.


  1. Is there any way to trade/swap items and materials with friends online in GeoNet?

  2. Yes you can trade. However you can only trade consumable items and consumable materials. Materials used to make equipment (such as weapons, armor etc) cannot be traded.

    Now to trade with your friend you both need to be in the same room or quest together. Then go into you item screen, select the item you wish to trade/give to your friend and then select drop (last option). You will drop it on the ground and any player can now pick it up. Hope that helps.