White Knight Chronicles - Skills Overview

White Knight Chronicles - Skills Overview

Providing information about skill attributes and class types to help you better plan your characters path through the game.

First off ill explain Skill points (SP). As you level through the game you are awarded a set amount of skill points (SP) per level. Skill points are required to purchase new skills. My translated skill list will also detail how much SP is required to learn that skill.

Now on to the main stuff.

Skills are broken down into a few categories (skill types). They are;

Attack - Your attack skills
Assistance - Your buffing and support skills
Ability Up - To Master your class and increase stats by a set value
Specialty - Some classes have special skills to enhance the player

When starting off you only have a few skills available. As you progress through your chosen class skill list new skills will be unlocked. Unlocking new skills require you to learn a certain skill in that class type. Once that skill is learned the new skill will be unlocked. In my skill translation i will state which skills are required to unlock them.

Attack skills will consist of ground attacks, launching attacks, air attacks and aerial finishers. Which will be used to create combos. Each Attack skill also has an attack attribute. They are;

斬撃 Slash (crescent moon icon)
刺突 Pierce (arrow head icon)
打撃 Impact (break icon)

炎 Fire (Flame icon)
水 Ice (Blue cube icon)
風 Wind (green wind icon)
土 earth (brown stone icon)

Note: Enemies have a weakness to 1 of the attack attributes. Using that attack on the enemy will increase damage dealt. My monster translation list will show their weakness.

Onto the Skill Classes

There are 8 skill classes in White Knight Chronicles. They are;

1 hand Sword
2 hand Sword
Destruction Magic
2 hand Axe
Holy Magic

1 Hand Sword

The 1 hand sword class is your balance class. They have the ability to equip a sword, mace, axe or dagger in combination with a shield making them a very good class for a defense.

Their attack speed is balanced ranging from quick to average attacks. They have a nice amount of options for creating combos to effectively deal damage while absorbing damage with the shield.

A great balanced class for attacking and defending. Useful as the main damage absorber (tank) in online quests with the ability to solo many G rank quests.

2 Hand Sword

The 2 Hand Sword class is one of the main damage dealing classes in the game. While focusing mainly on damage this class also has a few attacks with elemental properties to increase overall damage and prey on an enemys weakness.They use Great Swords and Great Katanas.

The attack speed is quite slow and their combos options are very limited but redeem themselves with their high damage power. They also have the ability to recover AC through a skill.

With the ability to solo most G rank quests they an ideal class for soloing and for quickly leveling your G Rank and Level. They are the main melee attackers for online though they lack defense.

2 Hand Axe

The 2 Hand Axe class is much like the 2 Hand Sword class. It focuses on dealing damage. They use Battle Axes.

The attack speed is the slowest of the melee classes. Most of their attacks are ground base and have a very limited amount of combos. They focus on short strong combos to deal damage to their targets.

The ideal class for dealing damage when combined with the Ability up skills from the 2 Hand Sword class. Great for solo missions and leveling up.


The Spear class rivals the 1 hand sword class. The class mainly focuses in defensive power with average attack power similar to the 1 hand sword class. They use a Spear in combination with a shield.

The attack speed of this class is about the same as the 1 hand sword class. They have a good variety of combo options available on the ground and in the air. They have skills to assist them in increasing their defensive power and an AC recovery skill.

The ideal class for the main damage absorber (tank) of the group as they lack attack damage power of the other classes. Soloing with them proves more difficult then other melee classes.


The Bow class focuses on providing support from the back lines. Attacks consist of both physical and elemental damage. They use the Bow.

The attack speed is very fast for this class. They have a good set of physical and elemental damage combos available to them. Their support skills can often help turn the tide of the battle.

The ideal class for anyone who prefers a more support role. Providing buffs and dealing elemental damage when required. They have a difficult time soloing missions and leveling alone. However when buffed they can do decent damage.


The Staff Class focuses on increasing your magic damage and is a supporting class to any of the 2 magic classes. They use the Staff.

The attack speed is average when physical attacks are required. They also have an AC recovery skill.

The ideal support class to any magic user. Providing a buff to your magic attack powers and increasing stats related to magic they are they key to doing heavy damage with the magic class.

Destruction Magic

This class is for any class that wishes to add some elemental magic to their skills to help prey on an enemy weakness and deal additional damage.

The casting time depends on the spell being used, it can range from slow to average. They also have the ability to hit more then 1 target using AoE (area of affect) spells.

A full time magic user will use this class in conjunction with the staff class to increase elemental damage. Damage with elemental magics can rival and surpass melee damage.

Holy Magic

The Holy Magic class focuses on keeping everyone alive through healing, buffs and support skills.

The casting time depends on the spell being used, it can range from slow to average. They have the ability to buff your characters defense, attack, speed, magic defense and more.

The ideal class for anyone who wants to support the group through healing and buffs. A dedicated healing class is vital to ensuring a victory to any quest. Best used in conjunction with the staff class.

That completes the overview to the skills and classes. I hope this information can help you in deciding how you wish to play the game both offline and online with friends.


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