White Knight Chronicles - Characters

White Knight Chronicles - Characters

Information about the characters and brief backgrounds.


Lenard (レナード)
The young man who works with wine dealer, He is the main character who can transform into the White Knight.

Yulie (ユウリ)
Childhood friend of Lenard.

Erudoa (エルドア)
A mysterious middle-aged warrior.

White Knight (白騎士)
A seven meter tall warrior from a time when such creatures nearly destroyed all of mankind.

Black Knight (黒騎士)
A warrior identical to the White Knight in both powers and abilities.

Dragon Knight (竜騎士)
A warrior identical to the White Knight with wings and welds a huge spear.

Avatar (custom character)
A character that the player of the game can customize and accompany the main cast throughout the game.

Caesar (シーザー)
A ruler of Free City Gleed, the son of the super-wealthy Doris Dole house noble family.

Kara (カーラ)
Female dancer from Ragnish Desert Town.

Princess Cisna (シズナ姫)
The Balondor Princess that was kidnapped during her coming-of-age banquet.

Valtos (ヴァルトス)
The King of Balondor

Grand Duke Dallam (ダラム大公)
The Grand Duke of Foley Dukedom

Glasel (グラーゼル)
The chief wizard.

The list will be updated with more characters if required. Thanks again for your support.

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