White Knight Chronicles - Patch 1.03

White Knight Chronicles Patch 1.03 Details

Here are the patch details.


The Japanese servers will go down on the 29th of January at 10am-12pm (Japan Time) to add a new quest and items to the game.

They are adding a new quest called;

Name: 二つの砲撃 Bombardment 2
Recommended Level: 46+
G Rank: 9
Description: The Wizard force is invading Fran Dahl! We need your help to defend it. Hold off the Wizard force for a period of time.

They also introduce new equipment to be available in this quest and new material to create new weapons and protective gear.

1 is a new 2 Handed Sword called: 魔人の大蛇 Large Magic Snake Sword
Here is a photo:

They also state this is a never ending game so they will keep updating it with more quests, items, etc.


Looking forward to more updates from the team at Level-5. Enjoy the new quest and items everyone.


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