White Knight Chronicles - Tutorials Part 2

White Knight Chronicles - Tutorials Part 2
Part 2 of the translated in game Tutorials article. The Tutorials is a 3 part article.

When you hit the enemy during your combo your Command Circle will flash full, at this point timing is required and you will need to press circle in order to continue the combo.

Creating Combos
In the customise command menu you will notice a new icon that looks like a player with a halo above them. This is the create combo menu.

During the combo creation the skills will flash white to show that this skill can be used to continue the combo.

Combo Requirements
1) The same command cannot be added more then 1 time
2) Combos can only consist of the following;
Weapon + Same Weapon
Weapon + Magic
Weapon + Different weapon is not permitted
3) If over maximum AC the combo cannot be used

Combo Bonuses
While creating combos if a style receives 10 points or more then you will deal additional damage during the combo.

Status Effects

Negative Status
Poisoned: Receive damage over time
Paralized: Cannot act or move until effect clears
Sleep: Cannot act or move. Chance Sleep will break when attacked
Silence: Cannot cast any spells
Bind: Cannot use any commands
Dazed: Cannot act or move for a short time

Positive Status
Resurrect: If you die during battle your player will resurrect
Guard: Player will receive less damage

Equipment Durability
Your characters equipment will receive damage over time and eventually break if you do not head to a weapon shop for repairs.

The bar next to your equipment icon represents current durability. Once the weapons breaks you will no longer be able to use it until you get repairs. The item can still be equiped but will not longer grant bonuses to attack or defence and set at 0.

Henshin! White Knight Transformation

To preform a Henshin you will need 7 AC points. Once you have aquired 7 AC points go to the sub command bar and select Henshin.

Henshin Mode

During Henshin, performing commands will consume MP. Once your MP is consumed you will transform back into your human form and all AC will be reset to 0.

Improved Henshin commands
7 AC Henshin: Regular commands
12 Ac Henshin: 2 stronger commands added
15 AC Henshin: 3 stronger commands added

Henshin Party Bonus
Equiping accessories to your Henshin will provide party buffs from increased defence to increase attack power when in Henshin mode.

Area Map
To see the map. Press Select to enter the sub menu and select Area Map.

Weapon Shop: Buy, Sell, Repair, Improve, Break down equipment
Item Shop: Buy, Sell items and materials
Accessory Shop: Buy, Sell accessories
GR Quest Hall: Purchase GR quests
Bar: Can provide information
Blacksmith: Create new items and equipment with materials
Logic Stone: To save your progress
Quest Location: Your active quest objective location

Taking Photos

Camera Menu
R1: Take photo
L Analogue: Move camera
R Analogue: Change Camera angle
L2: Zoom in
R2: Zoom out
R3: Change perspective to 3rd person
Select: Action Menu
Triangle: Photo Menu
Cross: Cancel

To start taking photos press select to enter the sub menu and select Camera.

Logic Stone
Used to save your progress throughout the game.

Logic Stone Menu
Item Menu
Geo Net
World Map (will leave current zone)

Touching a Logic stone in the area for the first time will replenish all health and MP. Can only be used once to replenish health.

Note: If you are in battle you cannot use the Logic Stone.

That is all for Tutorials Part 2. Coming up next will be Tutorials Part 3. Thank you for your patience.


  1. great man, i hope u'll explain the GR quest, cos the first one for exemple is an hour time limit mission, and i didn't tried it, cos there is no clear objectives . i hope you'll be able to make little resumé about the GR quest .

    keep up the good work .

  2. I will be translating all the GR quests. I already have GR1 quests translated and will post them shortly.

  3. nice,but apparently you can do these quest alone right ? if so, what are the GR points reward for ? only online ?

  4. @AngeAlexiel - Yes you can do these quests alone. However i would recommend a higher then recommended level. When you select the GR quest from the world map you are given 2 options. The first is Solo and the 2nd is Online. GR points are given in both solo and online to increase your GR rank. Increasing your GR rank opens more GR missions for purchase.

  5. I have a request from a grateful reader.

    I don't know what your priority on translation is, but if you could translate some of the accessories that would be wonderful. I notice most of the accessories are the gear that has stat bonuses. I think it would be very helpful to know what accessories are more melee oriented and which are more magic stats. Besides for the more obvious +5 hp and +5 mp pieces i have no clue how to gear these slots.

    Thank you for your work!

  6. Ask and you shall receive Rydir. I have began translating the store purchased accessories list. The Rings list is up now so check the Store Items list on the right hand side of the blog. More to come shortly..

    Thanks for your patience. ^^

  7. I am not understanding how to do a combo i have a command list set up and right when circle flashes i push attack button again but nothing happens.