White Knight Chronicles - GR7 Gathered Materials

White Knight Chronicles - GR7 Gathered Materials

These materials are obtain through gathering from rock faces, wooden boxes, flowers, trees, stones etc. These gathering spots are easily to identify by the sparkling lights around them.

GR7 Gathered materials

- 銅鉱石 Copper
- 鉄鉱石 Iron
- 銀鉱石 Silver
- 鋼石 Steel
- 金鉱石 Gold

- 硝石 Saltpeter
- 蛍石 Fluorite
- 黒曜石 Obsidian
- 水晶石 Crystal
- 紫水晶 Amethyst

- なにかの骨 something's Bone
- 甲虫の化石 Beetle Fossil
- アンモナイトの化石 Ammonite Fossil
- 燃料石 Fossil Fuel
- 古代魚の化石 Ancient Fish Fossil

Raw Wood
- 杉の原木 Cedar
- 樫の原木 Oak
- ココヤシの原木 Coconut Palm
- ガルーダの原木 Garuda

- しなびたつる Withered Twig
- 杉の枝木 Cedar Branch
- 樫の枝木 Oak Branch
- 小さな苗木 Small Young Plant
- 立派な苗木 Excellent Young Plant

Wild Herbs
- トカゲイチゴ Lizard Strawberry
- 紅花 Safflower
- サボテンの花 Cactus
- トリカブト Aconite
- ベラドンナ Belladonna

- オオアゴカミキリ Long-horned beetle
- ヒメタマムシ Seven colours Insect
- 九香虫 Nine Incense Insects
- 甘露虫 Nectar Insect

- トカゲイチゴ Lizard Strawberry
- テングタケ Amanita Mushroom
- ノロイタケ Curse Mushroom
- ネムリキノコ Sleep Mushroom
- シビレタケ Sacred Mushroom

Cottom Wool
- 木綿の綿毛 Cotton Wool
- 黄金色の綿毛 Gold Cotton Wool

This completes the list of GR7 Gathered Materials. Thank you for your support.

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