White Knight Chronicles - GR10 Gathered Materials

White Knight Chronicles - GR10 Gathered Materials

These materials are obtain through gathering from rock faces, wooden boxes, flowers, trees, stones etc. These gathering spots are easily to identify by the sparkling lights around them.

GR10 Gathered materials

- 鋼石 Steel
- 金鉱石 Gold
- 砂鉄 Iron Sand
- 黒鉄鉱石 Black Iron
- 血鋼鉱石 Blood Steel
- 羽光鉱石 Shining Feather ore

- 水晶石 Crystal
- 紫水晶 Amethyst
- 黒水晶 Cairngorm
- 魔光石 Shining Magic Stone
- サファイアの原石 Uncut Sapphire
- ルビーの原石 Uncut Ruby

- 燃料石 Fossil Fuel
- 古代魚の化石 Ancient Fish Fossil
- 琥珀 Amber
- 魔獣の化石 Magic Beast Fossil
- 翼竜の化石 Dragon Wing Fossil
- 燃料石の塊 Lump of Fossil Fuel

Raw Wood
- ココヤシの原木 Coconut Palm
- ガルーダの原木 Garuda
- 癒しの香木 Healing Wood
- 白樫の原木 White Oak
- ヘビヤシの原木 Snake Palm

- 小さな苗木 Small Young Plant
- 立派な苗木 Excellent Young Plant
- ガルーダの枝木 Garuda Branch
- 白樫の枝木 White Oak Branch
- 不思議な苗木 Mysterious Plant
- 百年杉の枝木 100 years Cedar Branch

Wild Herbs
- トリカブト Aconite
- ベラドンナ Belladonna
- 紫根の花 Violet Flower
- ラフレシア Rafflesia
- 月の花 Moon Flower
- アロマ草 Aroma Grass

- 九香虫 Nine Incense Insects
- 甘露虫 Nectar Insect
- 七色蝶 Seven Colour Butterfly
- 夜光虫 Noctiluca
- オオツノクワガタ Stag Beetle
- 火喰い虫 Fire Eater Insect

- ノロイタケ Curse Mushroom
- シビレタケ Sacred Mushroom
- バフキノコ Buff Mushroom
- 霊芝 Spirit Grass
- マンドラゴラ Mandragola
- ヨロイタケ Armor Mushroom

Cottom Wool
- 木綿の綿毛 Cotton Wool
- 黄金色の綿毛 Gold Cotton Wool
- 真白の綿胞子 Pure White Cotton Spore
- 白銀の綿帽子 Silver Silk

This completes the list of GR10 Gathered Materials. Thank you for your support.

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